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Arena Massages Basel


Fiorino D’Angelo

Fully qualified EFA medical masseur

Additional training as VSAMT Ayurveda masseur



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Swiss Ayurveda

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Our massages

Back and neck massage

During the back and neck massage, the muscles of the shoulder, neck and back area are stretched and relaxed. This relieves tension and symptoms of stress; energy blockages are released.

25 Min. CHF.   60.00

Full body massage

The full body massage stimulates the body’s self-healing powers and thus helps to support the healing process in case of illness or mental crisis. Above all, it helps to relieve musculoskeletal pain in a natural manner.


50 Min. CHF.  120.00


Ayurveda full body massage

Abhyanga is a full-body oil massage that is particularly soothing and relaxing. This massage promotes blood circulation and digestion. The appearance of the skin is thereby also visibly improved.


50 Min. CHF.  140.00

Cellulite treatment

The aim of this treatment is to dissolve fat deposits, retained water and toxins in the body tissue. With the help of a vacuum, the tissue metabolism is actively stimulated, fat cells are emptied, and skin tightened and smoothed.

40 Min. CHF.   96.00

Therapeutic massages

Therapeutic massages are based on the techniques of classical massage, but may include other techniques depending on your symptoms, such as trigger point technique or deep tissue massage.

40 Min. CHF.   96.00


The aims of reflexology are primarily relaxation and relief.

25 Min. CHF.     60.00
50 Min. CHF.   120.00

Manual lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a form of therapy which supports and stimulates the lymphatic system throughout the body.


25 Min. CHF.    60.00
40 Min. CHF.    96.00

Sports massage

Sports massages aim to detect and eliminate performance-reducing conditions, as well as having a positive influence on athletes’ body function.


25 Min. CHF.    70.00
50 Min. CHF.    140.00

With subscription, every 10th treatment free.

Depending on your insurance, your treatment costs may be covered

Images of our premises

Images of our premises
Images of our premises
Images of our premises
Images of our premises

We look forward to welcoming you - call us on: Tel. +41 78 824 55 83

Arena Massages Basel - Fiorino D’Angelo

EFA medical masseur

VSAMT Ayurveda masseur

Appointments by arrangement

Fiorino D’Angelo

Hauptstrasse 78

4127 Birsfelden

Tel. +41 78 824 55 83


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